We have piglets! Peru's finest alpacas Stunning White Rheas Real Jersey cows, real Jersey ice cream Rare breed birds There's no better place to graze Did somebody say lunch?
Picture of goats, love birds, the donkey, the peacock and a goose

Meet the animals

It all began with the Jersey cows, then we gave a lovely home to a couple of donkeys. Word got around and they were quickly followed by a herd of goats.

Today we have wallabies, alpacas, rare breed birds, peacocks, and of course a pig.

New for 2018 we have a litter of piglets, jersey cows and 3 new Rheas, so come and say hello, we all enjoy new company.

they're part of the family

Mountaineering goats
Jersey cows
Rare birds
Pigs & Piglets